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Onboard California’s Best Attorneys to
Fight Your Legal Battle For You

Feeling helpless after a major accident?
Need to cement your immigration status?
Seeking help for criminal charges?

Reach out to JJ&A as we offer you moral support, documentation help, and the industry’s leading legal services.

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    Why Should You Prefer JJ&A Over Others?

    Experienced Attorneys Mean No Guesswork

    The JJ&A team consists of credible, highly accomplished, and compassionate lawyers who understand the pressure you face during a legal encounter.

    Proven Track Record Means You
    Always Stand a Chance

    If losing resources in the legal chasing of an accident is your concern, let go of it. JJ&A brings experience, commitment, and tested services to the table.

    24/7 Legal Support Means You Get
    Instant Support

    When you’re going through turmoil, waiting is the last thing you want to do. JJ&A knows that and our team is ready to help 24/7.

    No Upfront Payments Means
    We Win Together

    JJ&A won’t charge you anything unless you win. There are no upfront fees, and we even fight to help insurance companies cover medical bills.

    Services that Set Us Apart


    You don’t have to exhaust yourself
    to get that compensation.

    Dealing with an accident is exhausting enough as it is. You shouldn’t be put through a legal fight right after. JJ&A takes care of the A-Z legal proceedings of personal injury law.


    Get consultation and help from
    industry experts who
    understand the legal horizon
    like no other.

    Our expert team leaves no stone
    unturned to make the US a land
    of justice. We offer consultation
    and lawsuit services for criminal
    law cases.


    Striving to get legal services in the US is tough but we will help you!

    Understanding US immigration law is no easy play. The compassionate team at JJ&A aims to make your documentation journey easier.

    Ready to ditch the legal loopholes and get what you deserve without spending a penny upfront?


    JJ&A Is the Answer to All Your Law-Related Worries

    Understanding the prerequisites of a legal encounter is no easy task. That’s when JJ&A enters the picture.
    From getting the insurance company to pay for your vehicle damage to clearing your medical bills, JJ&A is prepared for everything legal.

    Reliable services and extensive
    experience that strengthen your case.

    No payment and service fee charged
    until you get compensated.

    Best settlements with no
    miscellaneous cutbacks.

    24/7 availability, so you don’t feel
    alone in emergencies and
    legal formalities.

    Lifetime consultation and ongoing support for personal injury, criminal law,
    and immigration matters once you become our client.

    Our Client’s Testimonials

    What They’re Saying

    Jose Jordan & Associates
    Based on 23 Reviews
    Juan B.
    Juan B.
    2023-05-31 20:13:04
    Roxanne was a huge help when life decided to deal me such a rough hand. I had my collision to worry about and everything else that follows but her and the... read more
    Alex s.
    Alex s.
    2023-05-17 15:19:21
    I had Albert and Roxanna on my injury case and they were both amazing! This was my first time dealing with something like this and they both helped me... read more
    Chris D.
    Chris D.
    2023-03-07 16:09:16
    White glove service from start to finish, and Jose himself will personally attend your interview with you. Could not be happier with Jose and his team! read more
    Kepler S.
    Kepler S.
    2023-02-06 12:02:12
    I would love to take this opportunity to thank my attorney on behalf of my mother and myself for the wonderful job he did in obtaining compensation for us.... read more
    Chuy M.
    Chuy M.
    2023-01-19 18:19:45
    I contacted this law firm because I was involved in a car accident. At first, I tried handling on my own, thinking it would be an easy process since the... read more
    Cristina J.
    Cristina J.
    2022-11-02 21:01:37
    Immigration paperwork is VERY confusing and if you do it wrong your case can get really behind. That is why I am completely happy with the services I... read more
    Moizus N.
    Moizus N.
    2022-10-27 11:03:32
    Roxana & team helped me out alot in my motorcycle accident they were quick and always kepted me updated with my case very happy with the service would... read more
    Kade W.
    Kade W.
    2022-09-16 15:45:19
    DO NOT COME HERE ! These lawyers will ONLY help you if they think your case is good enough to fight for. This is wrong as they only care about the outcome... read more
    Vincent G.
    Vincent G.
    2022-08-20 10:05:28
    Empathic and caring team!!!!! Highly. Highly recommend!!!!! I was in a multiple car accident and the injuries required a multitude of doctors care... read more
    Christyan T.
    Christyan T.
    2022-07-15 09:17:54
    After going thru an accident, I wasn't sure where to turn to for help until I was pointed in the direction of Jose Jordan and Associates. Since the start... read more
    Adrianna G.
    Adrianna G.
    2022-05-02 23:08:53
    Updating my review now that my case is done... Let me start off by saying they asked me to remove my review because it was giving their business a negative... read more
    Pricilla M.
    Pricilla M.
    2021-11-10 10:38:42
    These legal services were more than amazing, they did an amazing job with my case and I had the perfect legal team working with me. Roxana was the best at... read more
    Jesus G.
    Jesus G.
    2021-10-26 17:07:33
    Jose Jordan and Associates are the best!! If you're looking for a great attorney I HIGHLY recommend them.They will do everything to help you get what you... read more
    Adrianna G.
    Adrianna G.
    2021-08-18 12:12:28
    DO NOT COME TO THEM. I WAS RECOMMENDED AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY..... Worst lawyers in the world maybe.... Didn't explain anything to me at all, Including... read more
    Alfonso B.
    Alfonso B.
    2020-08-05 18:11:37
    If you are looking for a great immigration attorney... well then look no further., Jose Jordan and their whole stuff hands down provides the best customer... read more

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