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    – even if it means we have to reduce our fee!

    • Car Accidents
    • Hit and Run victims
    • Pedestrians who are hit by vehicles
    • Slip and Falls
    • Dog Bites
    • Wrongful death suits
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Personal Injury

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    Jose Jordan & Associates
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    Chuy M.
    Chuy M.
    2023-01-19 18:19:45
    I contacted this law firm because I was involved in a car accident. At first, I tried handling on my own, thinking it would be an easy process since the... read more
    Cristina J.
    Cristina J.
    2022-11-02 21:01:37
    Immigration paperwork is VERY confusing and if you do it wrong your case can get really behind. That is why I am completely happy with the services I... read more
    Moizus N.
    Moizus N.
    2022-10-27 11:03:32
    Roxana & team helped me out alot in my motorcycle accident they were quick and always kepted me updated with my case very happy with the service would... read more
    Kade W.
    Kade W.
    2022-09-16 15:45:19
    DO NOT COME HERE ! These lawyers will ONLY help you if they think your case is good enough to fight for. This is wrong as they only care about the outcome... read more
    Vincent G.
    Vincent G.
    2022-08-20 10:05:28
    Empathic and caring team!!!!! Highly. Highly recommend!!!!! I was in a multiple car accident and the injuries required a multitude of doctors care... read more
    Christyan T.
    Christyan T.
    2022-07-15 09:17:54
    After going thru an accident, I wasn't sure where to turn to for help until I was pointed in the direction of Jose Jordan and Associates. Since the start... read more
    Adrianna G.
    Adrianna G.
    2022-05-02 23:08:53
    Updating my review now that my case is done... Let me start off by saying they asked me to remove my review because it was giving their business a negative... read more
    Pricilla M.
    Pricilla M.
    2021-11-10 10:38:42
    These legal services were more than amazing, they did an amazing job with my case and I had the perfect legal team working with me. Roxana was the best at... read more
    Jesus G.
    Jesus G.
    2021-10-26 17:07:33
    Jose Jordan and Associates are the best!! If you're looking for a great attorney I HIGHLY recommend them.They will do everything to help you get what you... read more
    Adrianna G.
    Adrianna G.
    2021-08-18 12:12:28
    DO NOT COME TO THEM. I WAS RECOMMENDED AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY..... Worst lawyers in the world maybe.... Didn't explain anything to me at all, Including... read more
    Alfonso B.
    Alfonso B.
    2020-08-05 18:11:37
    If you are looking for a great immigration attorney... well then look no further., Jose Jordan and their whole stuff hands down provides the best customer... read more

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      Delaying Will Only Hurt Your Case

      If you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, let us help you take a stand for yourself.

      The longer you delay medical treatment, the less compensation you will get. So it’s important to act fast when dealing with a personal injury situation.

      Delaying will only make things worse.

      You’re Protected By the Law & It Doesn’t Discriminate – Neither Do We

      We're here to help you seek justice irrespective of your gender, race and beliefs.

      And we do that without charging you a penny or any consultation fee upfront.

      We take your case to court and you don’t pay a dime if we don’t win. It’s as simple as that!

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      We Take Care of Everything While You Focus On Healing

      • Complete guidance
      • Full property damage assistance
      • Holding the insurance company accountable
      • Getting you full treatment
      • Gathering all medical bills and reports
      • Making sure your medical bills are taken care of
      • Negotiate with insurance companies
      • On-site accident help

      With Us, You Always Get the Major Share of the Settlement

      About Jose Jordan & Associates

      Ease the legal proceedings for yourself by onboarding industry experts who know California’s legal horizon from the inside out. JJ&A is a compassionate, capable, and street-smart law firm with a thorough command on this sector’s pitfalls. When you need a helping hand after facing a grave (or minor) loss, JJ&A steps up and takes it from there.

      Finding a trustworthy law firm in times of desperation is challenging, especially with such saturation out there.

      But with JJ&A a click away, you always have legal help at your fingertips. No more extensive paperwork and endless waiting. JJ&A is a responsive law firm, always at your service.

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